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Vilnius - Thematic Meeting on Trends in Museums

The BalticMuseums team discussed with experts on trends in ICT in museums. For the thematic meeting in Vilnius on 20 February 2015, the team had invited professionals from the creative IT industry and innovation methodology to discuss latest developments in museums. 

Next to the opportunities of visitors bringing their own electronic devices (BYOD - bring your own device), technologies like iBeacon and wearables (e.g. glasses from Microsoft or google), a focus was given to fascinating examples of Augmented Reality. This technology opens up new ways of how to engage with visitors by mixing real exhibits with virtual information both for scaling up educational information but also adding entertainment elements.

The trend of gamification and its motivating factor for attracting and thrilling visitors was an additional key point of the meeting. Gediminas Tarasevicius, Director of operations at the Lithuanian Game Developers Association, and Šarūnas Ledas, of Lithuanian game and augmented reality developer company Tag of Joy, gave brilliant examples for application cases in museums. Beyond fascinating visitors and users, it was discussed of how to involve them or even let them drive the innovation process of service development.

Birgitta Bergvall-Kareborn, Professor in Information Systems at Lulea Technical University, and one of the drivers of the Botnia Living Lab gave insights into the innovation methodology of Living Labs and its numerous and varied application opportunities. Having worked with the Living Lab approach for over 10 years, the Lulea team is one of the key experts in this field in Europe. They are engaged in the European organization for Living Labs (ENoLL) and have proven their expertise in both research and industry projects. Representatives from the Estonian Maritime Museum added their experience and interested in continued cooperation with the project team.

The thematic meetings of BalticMuseums will be continued with a session on 22/23 March in Gdynia focussing on using eGuide content for dissemination and promotion and on 25 March in Stralsund with a focus on using apps for tourism cooperation.