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Deutsches Meeresmuseum

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Katharinenberg 14 - 20
18439 Stralsund


Tel.: +49 (0) 3831 26 50 210
Tel.: +49 (0) 3831 26 50 213
Fax: +49 (0) 3831 26 50 209

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Transit options

The Hanseatic city of Stralsund is located in north-eastern Germany in the immediate vicinity of the island of Rügen, Germany’s largest island. Depending on your means of transport, there are several ways of getting to Stralsund:


  • By train

Stralsund can be easily reached from all directions via local and national rail services operated by Deutsche Bahn. From Berlin or Hamburg, the journey to Stralsund takes less than three hours. An average of 25 Intercity trains and numerous regional trains stop daily in Stralsund. Depending on your place of departure, you can take advantage not only of the regular budget tickets (“Spartarif”) but also of various special offers, such as: “Schönes Wochenendticket” (weekend ticket), “Ostee-Ticket” (Baltic Sea ticket) or “Länderticket” (available for each German federal state).

You can book tickets here


  • By car, motorbike or bus

From the south: Now that the autobahn A20 has been completed, Stralsund can be reached quickly and easily. For example, the journey from Berlin takes less than three hours.  


From the west: Stralsund is also within easy reach of Hamburg (approx. 2½ hours).


  • By plane or boat

There are three regional airports located close to Stralsund, each of which offers car rental services:

Güttin Airport is on the island of Rügen, approximately 20 km from Stralsund;

Barth Airport is approximately 30 km from Stralsund

Laage Airport (national and international flights) is approximately 80 km from Stralsund


Stralsund can be reached by boat taking the northern approach between the islands Hiddensee and Bock. Alternatively, the eastern approach can be taken, which follows the east coast of the island of Rügen through the “Greifswalder Bodden” and the “Strelasund”.