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eGuide meeting on cooperation opportunities

Representatives from universities, tourism, IT and museum services met on invitation of the BalticMuseums project team at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences to discuss cooperation opportunities supported by ICT like eGuide systems, 25 March 2015. Trends like gamification, edutainment and augmented reality were tackled, as well as new museum concepts to use the potential of visitors who bring their own device (smartphone, tablet etc.). This implies great opportunities, but also many technical and practical obstacles of what kind of IT solution to offer, internet access or how to handle the use of headphones. Additionally, the participants worked on cooperation opportunities. The BalticMuseums team presented project ideas in the South and Baltic Sea Region. 

Project presentation and outlook to future plans for cooperation (Susanne Marx, for Stralsund University of Applied Sciences)
Cooperation opportunities for eGuides used by several institutions (Andreas Ahlfeldt, for Stralsund University of Applied Sciences)
eGuides in Outdoor Use (Katrin Bärwald, Nationalparkamt Vorpommern)
Trends in technology and services for museums and their chances for the participating museums (Prof. Dr. Zygmunt Drazek, Agniezska Miluniec, University of Szczecin, Poland)
Pictures: Agnieszka Miluniec presenting opportunities for augmented reality. Prof. Dr. Zygmunt Drazek explaining a model for complex content management with IT systems.