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Klapeda with a population of about 200,000 is the third largest city and the only port in Lithuania. Klaipėda’s economy benefits greatly from transit cargo transported from different countries through the seaport of Klaipeda. The city is the cultural and intellectual centre of West Lithuania and very proud of its University.


Klaipėda was founded more than 750 years ago. On the 29 July 1252 the treaty between the Curonian bishop and the local governor of the Livonian Order was signed and the fortress of Klaipeda was built. The German name for the city was Memel, which is the German name for the Nemunas River. The marshland around the mouth of the river, gave the city its  present name Klaipėda, which means “klaipė pėdas“ – feet sinking in the marsh. More information here.  

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  • The Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit is a peninsula, which divides the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The northern and  biggest part of the Curonian Spit is part of the Republic of Lithuania. The other part of the the Russian Federation.
In 1923 the Northern part of the Curonian Spit (a territory of 52 km) went to the Republic of Lithuania. From 1939 – 1945 the Curonian Spit belonged to Germany. After World War II, the northern part of the peninsular became again part of Lithuania.


Today one part of the Spit that belongs to the Republic of Lithuania (0.8 thousand ha) is administere by the Municipality of Klaipeda City, other part (approximately 25.6 thousand ha) is administered by the Municipality of Neringa.
In 1961 the main settlements of the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit - Alksnyne, Juodkrante, Pervalka, Preila, and Nida – were united into Neringa town. Currently, around 2.6 thousand people permanently live in Neringa. More information here.

  • Palanga

Palanga is situated in Western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea and is known as the country’s summer capital. It offers long sandy beaches, health spas, a lot of entertainment and beautiful surroundings with unspoilt nature. More information here


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