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Smiltynės g. 3, LT-93100


Tel.: + 370 46 49 22 50

Tel.: + 370 46 49 07 51
Ticket tel.: +370 46 49 07 54


Admission Regulations and Rules of Conduct comply with the Museum Law of the Republic of Lithuania (Article 4.7) and the Statute of the Lithuanian Sea Museum (Article 9.1.4) and govern the procedure of visiting the Museum's exhibitions and Dolphinarium by the employees and/or visitors of the Lithuanian Sea Museum (hereinafter – LSM).


Entrance to the Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium is possible during the open hours of the Museum only. Visitors can purchase tickets:
  • in LSM booking offices. The booking office is closed 30 minutes before closing time of the Museum;
  • The following categories of tickets are available: tickets for adults; tickets for children; tickets for families (in low-season) and tickets for guided tours of groups of adults and children.
  • Admission permits (invitation cards) should be submitted to the booking office, where they are replaced by free tickets. 
  • No refund will be made for the purchased tickets.
  • Persons with roller-skates and/or bicycles are not permitted to enter the premises of the Museum.
  • Persons suspected of being under the infuence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances are not permitted to enter Museum or Dolphinarium; however, no refund will be made for the purchased tickets.
  • Parents should look after their kids.
  • Parents and teachers should look after kids.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Lithuanian Sea Museum.
  • It is allowed to take pictures in the exsposition of Lithuanian Sea Museum. The ticket for one camera costs 5 Lt.
  • Videoing and photography  in the Museum without a valid ticket is strictly forbidden.
  • Possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages or beverages in open bottles (cans) is strictly prohibited anywhere in the exposition and/or Dolphinarium hall. 
  • Except in designated areas (i.e. cafe), no eating or drinking is allowed inside the Museum.
宠物 : 
  • According to the sanitary rules approved by the Museum, visitors with pets (dogs, cats, rodents, etc.) are not allowed to enter the exposition.