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Smiltynės g. 3, LT-93100


Tel.: + 370 46 49 22 50

Tel.: + 370 46 49 07 51
Ticket tel.: +370 46 49 07 54



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Lithuanian Sea Museum locted in Klaipėda, Smiltynė. From the three sides it is surounded by Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea.


Getting to Klaipėda


You can get to Smiltynė by ferry from the Old Ferry Terminal (on foot/by car/by bike) or the New Ferry Terminal (by car/by bus/by bike). (Situation plan ).


For the Ferry Terminal timetable, visit:


The Lithuanian Sea Museum is located 1800 m from the Old Ferry Terminal, and 7 km from the New Ferry Terminal. During the summer season there is a mini train running between the Old Ferry Terminal and the Lithuanian Sea Museum, or you can hire a horse-drawn coach. In summer you can take a passenger boat to the Lithuanian Sea Museum; the boats depart from the River Danė next to the Old Ferry Terminal. There is a parking lot for cars and buses next to the Lithuanian Sea Museum/the Dolphinarium. The parking lot can accommodate 8 buses and 70 cars. Parking is free.