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Akwarium Gdyńskie

Morskiego Instytutu Rybackiego – Państwowego Instytutu Badawczego

Al. Jana Pawła II 1, 81-345 Gdynia


Tel.: +48 587 326 601
Fax.: +48 587 326 611

European eel (Anquilla anquilla)

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European eel (Anquilla anquilla)

The European eel is one of the most famous and mysterious commercial fish. The eels have been living in the exhibition tank of the Museum for about 15 years already. These snake-like fish spend their lives in fresh water and migrate for thousands of kilometres until they reach the central part of the Atlantic, the Sargasso Sea, where they are believed to spawn in a depth of one kilometre. The warm Gulf Stream allows the larvae to drift towards the European coast for two or three years. Here they metamorphose into elvers, miniature versions of the adult eels. Females migrate upstream, while males remain in the sea or brackish water. Until now, very little has been known about the spawning of eel and the very first days of their offspring.