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Akwarium Gdyńskie

Morskiego Instytutu Rybackiego – Państwowego Instytutu Badawczego

Al. Jana Pawła II 1, 81-345 Gdynia


Tel.: +48 587 326 601
Fax.: +48 587 326 611

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Ticket prices

Standard ticket prices: 
  • 24 zł
Discounted tickets prices: 
  • 16 zł


Discount tickets are available for:

  • Preschool children over age of 4;
  • Primary, junior high school and high school students, university and college students under age 26; 
  • Old age pensioners, pensioners, persons with a group disability certificate; 
  • Group leader - if a number of group leaders exceeds one person per 10 children or students, accompanying attendants are allowed to use discount tickets.


Entrance is free for:

  • Children up to age of 4;
  • Group leaders - one per 10 children or students;
  • Carers of mentally and physically disabled visitors;
  • Zoo employees;
  • Polish Tourists and Sightseeing guides.



We encourage you to use our  new ticket discount offer for the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium visitors.


  • Family tickets: the offer for families visiting Gdynia Aquarium. It does not include children under age of 4, who can enter the Aquarium for free.
    • 2+1 = 56,00 zł instead of 64,00 zł (one standard ticket and one discount ticket for two caregivers and a discount ticket for a child),
    • 2+2 = 64,00 zł instead of 80,00 zł (discount tickets for two caregivers and two children),
    • 2+3 = 72,00 zł instead of 96,00 zł (free entrance for one caregiver, standard ticket for the second caregiver, children – discount tickets),
    • 2+4 and more (free entrance for one caregiver, normal ticket for the second caregiver, children – discount tickets).
  •  Name Annual Ticket: an offer is addressed to the adult visitors of the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium.

Name Annual Ticket costs 75 zł and entitles its owner to unlimited number of free visits to Gdynia Aquarium. The ticket is valid until the end of year 2011. Name Annual Ticket allows to receive free entrance card in Gdynia Aquarium cash register and enter the exposition under the condition of name confirmation with an ID with a photograph.

  • Discount Card – Gdynia Aquarium’s Friend Card

The Discount Card can be obtained after one-time purchase worth 80 zł at least. The Card entitles the owner to receive 10% discount on every next ticket to the NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium.


From September to April, the following discounts are available:

  • Free entrance old age pensioners, pensioners, persons with a group disability certificate and children from care&education centers, on the first and third Wednesday of the month;
  • 20% discount for all groups of more than 15 people.


Forms of payment:

  • cash
  • credit cards
  • VAT invoices are available on request.